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20%-25% Off Sale Starts Now!!!
Sale ends 04/01/2024 

Ask about discount for multiple purchases
**Shipping included in prices**
(Shipping available pending tempto/from FedEx Hub)
*See TOS below for shipping temps


Quality Crested Geckos

Crazy B&G Mazterz LLC opened its "doors" in 2017 with a mission to feed Crested Gecko lovers’ needs. We are a small Mom and son operation focussing on quality over quantity. Our dedication to customers and animals is why we hand pick and research every Crested Gecko bred, as well as include all information available per gecko made available, allowing customers to be at ease when making a purchase. Check out our online store today and browse our selection of top-quality juvies, breeders and pets.

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TERMS OF SALE(Please read prior to any animal purchase)

Terms & agreement

TOS for all evictions:

A non-refundable downpayment of half the animal amount will be required to hold an animal under $350 unless discussed otherwise. If the price is over $350, then a 25% non-refundable downpayment will be used to hold the gecko and a payment plan will be in place.

I DO offer payment plans

Typically a gecko MUST be paid off within 30 days. If there is an emergency or a reason a payment has to be postponed, just message me and I will be more than happy to work something out with you. I also allow payment plans to be extended if shipping weather isn’t within temperature/weather problems.

I use PayPal and Venmo for any and all transactions. I will not accept money orders or any other form of payment that is a well known use for scammers.

“Store credit” may be awarded if the sale falls through due to changes in decision, different gecko, or other miscellaneous reasons other than complete emergency.

If you back out on a sale, the NON REFUNDABLE down payment will not be given back, and the remaining amount will be given in STORE CREDIT.

If your 30 day plan expires and you fail to communicate the reason as to why or come up with a plan we both agree on, the gecko will no longer be marked under hold and will be reposted as available. Please take this seriously, I have several people that I speak to daily about my available animals. I want to clarify on this because I turn down multiple other possible homes/sales to ensure the security of your gecko and your deposit on them.

If for some reason you fail to follow through, it is not my responsibility to reach out more times than necessary. I will no longer try if ignored more than two or three times and if that is the case I will most likely not be doing business with you again if your gecko isn’t important enough to do so.

All shipping information will be given prior to sale agreement. Along with all information, updating pictures will be given upon request (or if I just wanna send you some cute pics of your scale baby) until weather permits shipping.

Shipping weather consists of 45-85 degrees in BOTH locations, the hubs, and the overnight temps.

A heat/cold pack will be used when shipping on the high or low end of the shipping temperatures. If shipping is on the high/low end of this scale, hub pickup will be the preferred delivery option.

All shipping with be done with legal, proper packaging and shipped through Reptiles2You.

I have the right to refuse sale to ANYONE for any reason.

In the unlikely event of DOA, a gecko of equal value will be used as replacement or a store credit will be given toward another gecko. If this does happen, video or photographic proof MUST be sent directly to me within an HOUR of arrival. I would never send a sick gecko or even list one of for sale, so I would be very concerned if this were the case. That being said, I have the right to request a veterinarian autopsy to determine the exact cause of death.

I do have a 72 hour health guarantee.

If death is a result or your own neglect or failure to care for the animal, (must show proof from a veterinarian) I am not found responsible and will no longer do any business with you. In other terms, you will be placed on my DNS(do not sell list).

Dropped tails during shipping is not a fault of Crazy B&G Mazterz and does not permit any refund or exchange. It does not lower value at all and is and extremely natural occurrence that can happen for no particular reason. We love little frog butts

SEXING: Any gecko listed with a probable gender, does not guarantee that it will be so. It will be based on seeing visual pores with a Loupe under 15g. Anything over will usually be a definite unless stated otherwise since some gecks just take longer than others. If I post a definite gender, then I will stand by it.

If under the age of 18, a parent MUST contact me directly to give me permission. Either through phone contact or contact through their personal email/messenger.

Feel free to message me with questions.

If any money or deposit is sent to me, it is understood that the terms of sale have been read and agreed to.

I am very flexible and understanding so I am willing to work with any of my customers with whatever they would like.

Thank you for the sale agreement language Brianna BZ Cresties! I couldn't have said it better myself


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